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David Evans, Registration #10681

Case: 2015 0113

Hearing Date: To Be Determined

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On August 10, 2017 the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee referred a matter involving David Evans to the Discipline Committee for a hearing. The date for the hearing will be posted once it has been confirmed. Once completed, a summary of the panel’s decision will be posted on the public register and the decision will be made available on CanLII.

CanLII (

Overview of the Allegations

During the period of July 1, 2013 and August 5, 2016, Mr. Evans:

  • delegated to an athletic therapist the assessment and re-assessment of, and the development of treatment plans for, Clinic physiotherapy patients;
  • failed to perform assessments and to develop treatment plans for some physiotherapy patients ostensibly under his care;
  • failed to obtain informed consent from some patients for the involvement of physiotherapist assistants in the delivery of physiotherapy;
  • directly and/or indirectly held out an athletic therapist, as a Member of the College to patients of his Clinic and members of the public;
  • issued invoices to some patients for a “Physiotherapy Assessment” under his name and registration number, when a different employee of Mr. Evans’ clinic, who is not a registered physiotherapist, performed the assessment;
  • directly or indirectly misrepresented to the College that he, and not an athletic therapist, had assessed and/or developed the treatment plans for the patients