Case of the Month

Read a series of articles written about real cases that come to the College and their outcomes.

July 2017—In and Out of Practice
June 2017—The Customer's Not Always Right
May 2017—I'm Pretty Sure that's Personal Training, Not Physiotherapy
April 2017—Three Strikes—You're SCERP'd
March 2017—Using Restraints on a Patient—Helpful or Harmful?
February 2017—No Second Chances When It Comes to Patient Care and Record Keeping
November 2016—How to Be Insensitive with Your Patients?
October 2016—Does Past Behaviour Indicate Future Actions?
September 2016—Registering with an Association Does NOT Make You A Registered PT
July 2016—When "I Didn't Know" Isn't Enough  
June 2016—Financial Irregularities
March 2016— The Case of the Real Physiotherapist, the Fake Massage Therapist and the False Records
January 2016— Clarity and Compassion Could Have Avoided a Complaint
November 2015—Excuse Me, Are You My Physiotherapist?
October 2015—Blurred Lines
September 2015—Title Protection is Fundamental
August 2015—No Such Thing As Innocent Curiosity: Patient Records Are Private
July 2015—Disregarding the College Leads to Censure From Discipline Committee
June 2015—Undocumented Consent Puts PT And College In A Sticky Situation 
May 2015—Paying the Price for Looking the Other Way
April 2015—Committee Sanctioned PT Harshly for Ignoring Discipline
February 2015—PTs Fight Back Against Shady Clinic
January 2015—Concealing Fraudulent Acts
December 2014—Disclosure: Registration Application Omission
November 2014—Inappropriate Billing
October 2014—High School Co-op Student
September 2014—Professional Incompetence
July 2014—False Claims
June 2014—Intoxicated Employee
May 2014—Ethics in Practice
April 2014—Rostering for Controlled Acts
February 2014—Missed PISA Deadline Leads to ICRC Referral
January 2014—Ethical Dilemma: Confidentiality
December 2013—Obtaining and Documenting Informed Consent
November 2013—Complaint Concerning Publicly Funded Clinic
October 2013—Improper Use of Title
September 2013—Jurisprudence 
Green Arrow BoxAugust 2013—Support Personnel

Did You Know?

The Jurisprudence Education Program must be completed by all registered physiotherapists every five years.
The public interest depends on the integrity of the profession. Protecting the integrity of the profession demands zero tolerance of inappropriate business practices.