Public Register Information & College Data

Other than the information available on the Public Register, the College only provides identifiable member information when the release of this information is permitted or required by law.

The College responds to data requests on its regulatory programs when:

  • The data will not be used for commercial purposes

  • The requests aligns with the College’s mandate

  • Providing the data is not resource intensive and

  • The requester is willing to comply with the College’s rules on data use

To Submit a Data Request: Download and Submit the Completed Form

  1. Download the Form used to submit a data request here

  2. Complete the Form

  3. Email the completed form to Elicia Ramdhin at

Please note that the College will not provide information that is already available on the Public Register or that relates to individual members that is not on the Public Register.

Request Data About Registered PTs in Ontario

Please download and complete the form and return it to Elicia Ramdhin at