FAQs: Insurers

  • 1. Does a physiotherapist have to document a patient note with every visit to physiotherapy?

  • 2. Does the College receive a lot of reports about clinics misusing a PT’s credentials without the PT’s consent?

  • 3. What is tele-rehabilitation and can a physiotherapist bill for this type of service?

  • 4. What is a Physiotherapy Resident? Can they bill for physiotherapy services?

  • 5. Can the physiotherapist provider bundle bill in advance of treatment delivery?

  • 6. Can an insurer expect to see an itemized account for all treatment and the dates the treatments were provided?

  • 7. If a physiotherapist assistant performs the treatment, is the rate charged lower than if the physiotherapist completes the treatment personally?

  • 8. Are PTs permitted to sell memberships to their clinics?

  • 9. Do you need a doctors referral for physiotherapy?

FAQs: Insurer Coverage and Virtual Practice

  • Is the PT expected to indicate on the invoice this was tele-practice? Should the session cost less?

  • Which modalities or types of treatment are acceptable to deliver through virtually (by tele-practice)?

  • Can the initial visit be done virtually by tele-practice?

  • Is it acceptable to use email or telephone communication, and is it billable? Why or why not?

  • Can I deliver group treatment to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Have Questions About the Rules? 

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