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Below is a list of all of the resources you may find useful for yourself or your students. Please feel free to contact Fiona Campbell, Senior Physiotherapist Advisor at the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario with any questions, suggestions or to arrange to have someone from the College present to your students.

Fiona Campbell, Senior Physiotherapist Advisor
1-800-583-5885 ext. 243 or 416-591-3828 ext. 243

PT Accountabilities

There are a list of requirements for registered physiotherapists to do to maintain your PT licence.

View the MUSTs for PTs


Learn more about College Webinars and check out the College YouTube Channel for archived videos of webinars.

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Check out the College YouTube Channel to watch helpful videos about on topics such as Standards, practice advice, professionalism, government-funded (OHIP) physiotherapy. 

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Perspectives E-Newsletter

Students and Academics can receive our monthly newsletter Perspectives by emailing

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Jurisprudence Module

Every registered physiotherapist must complete and submit a Jurisprudence Module, which demonstrates their knowledge of, and ability to, apply College Standards.

Learn More about Jurisprudence


PISA or the Professional Issues Self Assessment is a short, multiple choice, online exercise that must be completed annually by all registered physiotherapists.

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Discipline Hearings & Decisions

Read about the results of past Discipline Hearings held by the College and upcoming hearings.

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Mandatory Reporting

All regulated health professionals, including PTs and their employers have legal and ethical obligations to make reports to the regulators as required under the Regulated Health Professions Act. 

Learn about Mandatory Reports


Anyone who has passed the Physiotherapy Competency Exam—Written and has registered for the next available PCE—Clinical can apply for a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration. This allows the person to work as a Physiotherapy Resident. They must have a Practice Supervisor.

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