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All PTs are required to have insurance, including after they stop practicing.   

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Independent Practice Application Documents

Independent Practice Application
For new and returning members

Application for Independent Practice Certificate of Registration

(For those who currently hold a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration in Ontario)

Independent Practice Application
(For physiotherapists who are currently registered in another Canadian Province/Territory)

Provisional Practice Application

Visit the Online Member Portal to create a profile and apply for your Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration.

As of April 2017, you do not require a Supervisor or employment site to apply for a Provisional Practice Certificate.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the Registration Team at or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222.

 Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration

Independent Practice Certificate—Extended Access with Restrictions

For physiotherapists who currently practice in another Canadian province and who wish to provide care to patients in Ontario, whether through tele-rehabilitation or in person.

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Application

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Application Process Flowchart

Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions Checklist

Courtesy Registration Application

Courtesy registration allows registered physiotherapists from other jurisdictions who are coming to Ontario to teach a course, or participate in a course, event or research project for less than 30 days to be registered in Ontario.

Courtesy Registration Application Package

Application to Use Specialty Title

Specialization Application Form