Courtesy Registration is a temporary registration certificate that allows licenced physiotherapists from other jurisdictions to teach an educational course or participate in an education program, research activities or in a specific event of limited time.

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Step 1


The applicant must have a degree in physiotherapy/physical therapy.

  • The applicant is registered/licenced to practice physiotherapy/physical therapy in a jurisdiction outside Ontario.
  • The applicant must be current in their practice and have a minimum of 1,200 practice hours within the previous five years.
  • The event is less than 30 days long.
  • The applicant must have professional liability insurance that meets the College guidelines.

Courtesy Registration can be issued for any of the following reasons:

  • To teach a course in Ontario that requires use of title or involves patients
  • To participate in a course in Ontario that requires use of title or involves patients
  • To participate in a research project in Ontario that requires use of title or involves patients
  • To participate in a specific event in Ontario that requires use of title or involves patients

Step 2

Terms, Conditions and Limitations

The holder may practice physiotherapy only for the purpose that he or she has indicated as the reason for making the application for the courtesy certificate of registration.

The certificate expires 30 days after the date of initial registration, on the date on which the purpose is attained or when the member is no longer engaged in attaining that purpose, whichever is the earliest.

Title: Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, PT, Physiothérapeute, Pht

Step 3

Regulatory History Form

If you have practiced physiotherapy outside of Ontario or Canada, you will need to submit a completed Regulatory History Form to the College from each jurisdiction where you have been registered. Timing should be considered as forms must be dated within 6 months of applying to the College.

If you are currently practicing in another Canadian jurisdiction, please note that we only require proof of registration/licensure from that jurisdiction.

Regulatory History Form

Step 4

Apply Online

You can submit your application online in the PT Portal.

PT Portal

Step 5

Get professional liability insurance—this is mandatory before providing patient care

If you don’t have professional liability insurance or if your coverage does not meet the College’s requirements a condition will be placed on your certificate and the Public Register will indicate that you cannot provide direct patient care.

Public Register

Step 6

College Email

Within 15 business days of receiving an application, the College will send you an email to let you know that your application has been reviewed and whether or not it is complete. 

An application is complete when all information, payment and documents (including Letters of Professional Standing if applicable) have been received.

If your application is incomplete, you must submit the outstanding requirements to the College. 

A $100 fee is charged to review the application.

Step 7

Registration Confirmation or Referral to the Registration Committee 

If you have met the College’s requirements, your registration number will be issued. You will receive an email confirming this. If you have not met the College’s requirements your application will be referred to the Registration Committee. This process can take approximately 8-10 weeks. The Registration team will contact you to advise you on the next steps.

Learn More about the Registration Committee Process