Independent Practice Applications

The following applicants may enter the Online Member Portal to apply for an Independent Practice Certificate of Registration:

  • New and returning members
  • Those who currently hold a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration in Ontario
  • Registered physiotherapists from another Canadian province or territory

Online Member Portal: Enter to Apply

Courtesy Registration Application

Courtesy registration allows registered physiotherapists from other jurisdictions who are coming to Ontario to teach a course, or participate in a course, event or research project for less than 30 days to be registered in Ontario.

Apply: Onlline Member Portal

Independent Practice Certificate—Cross Border Physiotherapy

For physiotherapists who currently practice in another Canadian province and who wish to provide care to patients in Ontario, whether through tele-rehabilitation or in person using an Independent Practice Certificate of Registration—Cross Border Physiotherapy.

Application to Use Specialty Title

Apply: Enter the Online Member Portal

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All PTs are required to have insurance, including after they stop practicing.