Applicants and PT Students: How Practice Advice Can Help You


College Practice Advisors

Fiona Campbell, PT, Shari Hughes, PT
and Kelly Schmitt, PT

Anyone Can Contact the College for
Free, Confidential Practice Advice

The College has a team of physiotherapists ready to answer your call or email.

You can ask the Practice Advisor about anything

  • Not sure what rule applies? Ask the Practice Advisor.
  • Looking for something on the website and can't find it?
  • Call the Practice Advisor. Having challenges dealing with a patient?
  • Email the Practice Advisor. Need to know about practice hours?  Contact the Practice Advisor.

Contact the College Practice Advisor or 647-484-8800 or 1-800-583-5885

FAQs —Treating Patients

  • Do I need a referral to assess or treat a patient?



FAQs—Billing Practices

  • I have worked in a few different private practices over the years. Recently I heard rumors about shady business practices at my previous employer’s clinic.

  • My employer has proposed a new billing model that makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?

  • I am planning to start a personal training business with clients who have physiotherapy coverage under their health plan. Can I do this?

  • Where I work all the billing is taken care of by the office manager. What do I need to be concerned with?

  • Can I use my name and registration number on the invoice so my patient can be reimbursed for their massage therapy treatment?

  • A PT student on a placement with me has been regularly having coffee with one of the patients. What should I do?


FAQs—Controlled Acts

  • Do I need to roster for each controlled act or can I roster once for all of them?

  • Can I delegate O2 titration to a physiotherapist assistant (PTA)?

  • The PTA will need to switch the patient from the wall supply to a portable O2 tank, and stay at 2 L/min. Does this require delegation?

FAQs—Interprofessional Collaboration

  • Can two PTs treat the same patient?

FAQs—Leave, Resigning & Retirement

  • What do I need to do with the College when I am about to go on a maternity leave?

  • What do I need to do when I am returning from a maternity leave?

FAQs—Record Keeping

FAQs—Relationships & Boundaries

  • I don’t understand why PTs can’t date their patients. If we’re all consenting adults then what’s the big deal?

  • When is it okay to date a patient? How long do you have to wait?

FAQs—Starting a Practice



FAQs—Working with PTAs