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What is Provisional Practice?

Provisional Practice is a category of registration that allows physiotherapy students who have successfully completed the written part of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) to work under supervision. If you have previously attempted the clinical component, you do not meet the requirements for Provisional Practice.

Learn about the Provisional Practice Supervision Requirements 

Provisional Practice Requirements

  • The applicant must have a degree in physiotherapy/physical therapy.
  • The applicant must have successfully completed the written component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam.
  • The applicant must not have failed the clinical component of the exam previously.
  • IMPORTANT: The applicant must be registered for the next available administration of the Ontario Clinical Exam. A Provisional Practice certificate will not be issued until the applicant is registered for the Ontario Clinical Exam. (Note: full payment of the $1,985 exam fee is required at the time of registration.)
  • If the applicant intends to provide patient care, they must hold professional liability insurance that meets the requirements laid out in the College By-laws.

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Terms, Conditions and Limitations

  • That the Provisional Practice certificate holder must only practice physiotherapy under the monitoring of an Independent Practice certificate holder.
  • Provisional Practice certificates are currently being issued for six months and will be automatically renewed to allow candidates to complete an approved clinical exam.

Title: Physiotherapy Resident, PT resident, Interne en physiothérapie, Interne Pht

The Physiotherapy Resident is issued a registration number entitling them to perform controlled acts (if rostered), bill for physiotherapy services and complete client records. Physiotherapy Residents are accountable to the College for their actions.


  • $85 Registration Fee
Also note that the $1,985 fee for the Ontario Clinical Exam must be paid in full before an applicant is issued a Provisional Practice certificate.


Contact the Registration team at registration@collegept.org or 416-591-3828 ext. 222 or 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222


Applying for a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration

As of April 2017, you do not require a Supervisor or employment site to apply for a Provisional Practice Certificate.

Apply for a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration

Flow Chart: Provisional Practice Application Process   

Supervision Overview and FAQs 

Review the Provisional Practice Application Checklist

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the Registration Team at registration@collegept.org or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222.

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators can send verification about your credentialing and/or your exam status to the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario within 10 business days of receiving your Verification Request Form.

FAQs: Provisional Practice Applicants