Costs & Timelines

Fee Overview

 Application Fee $100
 Certificate of Registration—Independent Practice  $595
 Independent Practice—Extended Access with Restrictions
 Certificate of Registration—Provisional Practice  $ 75
 Certificate of Registration—Courtesy
 Letter of Professional Standing  $ 50
 Wall Certificate  $ 25
 Returned or Declined Cheque  $ 50


Application Processing Timelines

You may not begin working as a physiotherapist until you are registered with the College and have received written confirmation and a registration number.

The College will review and process your application within 15 business days. You will receive an email to confirm it is complete.

If your application is incomplete, we will email you a list of what is missing. Your application will not move forward until we have received the missing documentation. Please note that incomplete applications will be closed after one year and you will need to re-apply.  

If there is doubt about whether you meet all of the registration requirements, your application will be referred to the Registration Committee for review. If your application requires a review, you will be contacted by College staff and provided with details about the reason for the review. You will also be given the opportunity to make submissions to support your application. In cases where applications are referred to the Committee, longer timelines will apply.