COVID-19: Free Resources and Training for Physiotherapists

Provincial COVID Care Education for Physiotherapists for Long-Term Care, Critical Care & Acute Care was created for health care professionals supporting COVID-19 and critically ill patients in Ontario. It offers education resources to support upskilling healthcare providers when redeployed to care for COVID-19 and/or critically ill patients in hospital and long-term care settings.

To access the code required to log in for the first time, please email This free, online learning portal is only for registered health professionals. COVID Care Learning Technical FAQs


During COVID-19, many organizations are offering free resources or training courses to health providers like physiotherapists who may be asked to help with things outside of their normal scope of practice. 

Below are some resources and courses that are available to physiotherapists who may wish to expand their knowledge and skills. 

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy and Physiopedia: 

Canadian Physiotherapy Association:

World Health Organization

Quick ICU Training for COVID-19:

Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association

  • The Continuum of Care for Patients with COVID-19 Webinar

  • Public Services Health and Safety Association

    Seniors Health Resources

    • Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation: A free online webinar from the APTA Cardiorespiratory Section on rehabilitation for Post-Intensive Care Syndrome can be found here.
    • Geriatric Considerations: Part of the APTA PACER Project video presentation on Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise & Rehabilitation


    If you are going to perform or delegate any of these activities, please visit the Rostering page for more information:

    • tracheal suctioning 
    • spinal manipulation 
    • acupuncture (including dry needling)
    • treating a wound below the dermis 
    • pelvic internal exams (this includes putting an instrument, hand or finger, beyond the labia majora, or beyond the anal verge)
    • administering a substance by inhalation