FAQs: Employers

FAQs: Employer Mandatory Reports

  • What kinds of reports must be made about a physiotherapist by an employer or person who operates a facility?

  • What is incapacity?

  • What is incompetence?

  • What is professional misconduct?

  • How soon must an employer make a report?

  • What information should the report include?

  • Where should the mandatory report be sent?

  • What happens if an employer fails to make a mandatory report?

  • What happens once the College receives the report?

  • How does a therapist respond to the report?

  • What information will the College share with the employer after a mandatory report is submitted?

  • Can the physiotherapist’s certificate of registration be revoked?

  • What decisions can the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee make?

  • How long does the process take?

  • If an employer has concerns about the physiotherapist’s practice, but has not terminated the physiotherapist and a mandatory report is not required, what are the options?

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