Physiotherapists Partner Network (PPN) volunteer

Volunteer to be a part of the Physiotherapist Partners Network and provide input on regulatory matters

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Engaged, registered physiotherapists and physical therapists from all practice areas and all parts of Ontario to provide ideas, input and feedback on College initiatives. 

Program Overview 

The Physiotherapist Partners Network is a volunteer group of physiotherapists who assist the College by sharing their ideas and perspectives on materials and projects to help the College better represent the needs of the profession, the realities of a working physiotherapist and work together to protect the public interest. 

The Network provides an opportunity for practitioners to directly participate in College work, find out what initiatives are coming and influence outcomes.  

The Work 

Generally, an email request goes out to volunteers asking those who are interested and available to do things such as: 

  • provide comment on a new or revised Standard
  • volunteer for a focus group
  • provide a sense of the profession’s needs related to a specific issue, for example the new authorized activities and rostering
  • review a survey, a policy or resource in the early stages and give feedback
  • share thoughts on initiatives being considered – a new quality management resource, a public campaign, a Standard change for example

Term Length

We ask for a two-year commitment. Requests for assistance are informal and scheduled throughout the year—when a need arises, we ask. If you are unable help on a specific request, we understand and hope you participate in the next.

How Do I Volunteer?

Contact Communications at or call 416-591-3828 ext. 234 or 1-800-583-5885 ext. 234 to become a Physiotherapist Partners Network volunteer. 
We hope you consider volunteering. Your feedback, ideas and suggestions help shape the College’s regulations, programs and projects and have a direct effect on all physiotherapists therapists and patients in Ontario.