Jurisprudence Module 1: Companion Document

The first Jurisprudence Education Module was launched in 2006. An important component of this new program was an evaluation methodology that included feedback from physiotherapists who indicated that knowledge of the correct answers and understanding of rationales was important to complete the learning process. All registrants who were required to complete this module have now done so and the answers/rationales can be released. This companion document outlines the questions, the four answer options, the correct answers, rationales for the correct answer of each of the fifty jurisprudence questions, references and indicates which content domain the question was assigned to.

The reference documents are available in the Registrant’s Guide on the College’s website or on the cd-rom mailed out to each registrant. As the questions were written in 2005, some document changes have occurred since this time. Where possible, we have highlighted the changes in reference documents that have occurred.

Although the College values feedback from registrants, please understand that this module is now closed and development of module 2 has begun. We hope that you will find this a useful document to facilitate learning of jurisprudence principles. 

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