Zainab called the College about something that happened at her workplace and had her worried. She worked in a private practice almost 2 years, with a clinic owner who is also a regulated health professional, but not a physio.

Zainab ran into a patient outside of work who mentioned that the last time she saw her she had been invoiced for acupuncture, and because of that, her insurer had denied payment.

She was confused as she hadn’t done acupuncture on this patient. She approached her employer about the situation. Her boss told Zainab that recent staffing changes had caused billing confusion and not to worry as he was making administrative improvements.

Although she felt this was a one-time occurrence, she now makes it a habit to review invoices using her name and registration number regularly to make sure they are correct. She notified the College because she wanted to be sure she didn’t run into any difficulty with her regulatory body, the insurers or her patients moving forward.

We were happy to hear from her and this is what we advised:

  • That she document everything that had happened, what she did and what the owner said and did and anything she had learned from the experience.
  • Review invoices that used her name and registration number on a regular basis. Billing often falls to the administrative staff, but employers should not be uncomfortable allowing staff to review materials using their information.
  • That the College would add a note in her file and would send her information about identify theft, so that she had it on hand.

When in doubt, contact the College. Members can reach out to the Practice Advisor at or other staff members to ask questions, get information and make inquiries.

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