About Practice Assessments

The College conducts practice assessments to ensure that physiotherapists continue to meet minimum standards for safety and quality throughout their career. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) requires all Colleges to have practice assessments as part of their quality assurance program.

Changes Are Coming Soon to Practice Assessments

In April 2019, the College will be introducing a new practice assessment process. Here are some highlights of this new process.

  • All members who are eligible will be selected for assessment in sequence, about once every 10 to 11 years. The assessment frequency will be reviewed periodically and may change in the future.
  • Members are eligible for selection if they have an active Independent Practice registration, registered in Independent Practice for more than two years, and are currently providing patient care.
  • Eligible members who have not participated in a practice assessment before will be selected first. The remaining members will be selected in order based on their last assessment date from least to most recent, in other words, the members who were assessed the earliest will be selected first.
  • The assessment will be conducted by College-appointed assessors. The College will do our best to match members with an assessor who has a similar practice context.

The assessment will have two steps:

Step 1: Remote Assessment

All members selected for assessment will participate in the remote assessment which includes the following three components:

  1. Pre-assessment questionnaire: questions about the member’s practice context and certain rules and Standards
  2. Review of one patient chart
  3. Behaviour-based Interview: 1-hour in length, to be completed by phone or video-conference

Step 2: On-site Assessment

A scoring threshold will be established for the remote assessment. Members whose score is below the threshold will be required to participate in an on-site assessment. The on-site assessment will be conducted in person where the member spends the most hours delivering patient care.

The assessment will not exceed 4-hours in length. The on-site assessment includes four components:

  1. Chart review: review of up to five patient charts
  2. Case-based questions: behaviour-based interview questions based on one of the five patient records reviewed
  3. Situation-based questions: behaviour-based interview questions based on recent situations the member has encountered in practice
  4. Feedback and discussion: review College resources and discuss practice-related questions

Quality Assurance Committee Review

The Quality Assurance Committee reviews the assessment results, and where necessary, may direct the member to participate in additional learning or a practice enhancement process.

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Practice Assessment Pathway Steps

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Special Selection for the First Group of Assessments in April 2019

For the purpose of testing the new assessment tools, collecting member and assessor feedback, and establishing the score threshold, the first group of assessments in April 2019 will be selected using a stratified sampling method.

A group of about 250 PTs will be selected from members who have not participated in a practice assessment before.

The sample method will ensure that this first group selected for assessment is representative of the whole membership in a few key characteristics:

  • Practice setting
  • Rostered activities
  • Working with physiotherapist assistants
  • Clinic owner/operator
  • Solo Practice

Quality Assurance Consultations

The College conducted extensive research in order to establish the framework for the new Quality Assurance program including consultations with members, the public, regulators and other stakeholders. Best practices in Canada and abroad were reviewed and a Quality Assurance Working Group was developed to guide the redevelopment. 


  • Connected with more than 1,000 physiotherapists via in person sessions across the province, a webinar and a session on the Ontario Telehealth Network. 
  • Conducted 365 additional online consultations.
  • Completed targeted consultations with recently assessed physiotherapists, peer assessors and current and past Quality Assurance Committee members. 
Engaged the Citizen Advisory Group for patient consultations. 

Quality Assurance Working Group Members

Gary Rehan, Council President
Darryn Mandel, Council Member
James Lee, Council and Quality Assurance Committee Member
Theresa Stevens, Council Member and Chair of Quality Assurance Committee
Jatinder Bain, Quality Assurance Committee Member
Shelley Martin, Manager, Quality Assurance
Jill Adolphe, Citizens Advisory Group Member