About Practice Assessments

To test the competency of Ontario physiotherapists and ensure safe, quality care is delivered to patients, the College conducts random practice assessments. These are compulsory under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), for all Colleges of self-regulating professions. Assessment involves a practice visit and peer interview.

Questions about Practice Assessments

FAQs: Practice Assessments

  • How am I chosen for a practice assessment?

  • If I’m assessed, will I have to do it again?

  • Who assesses me?

  • I’ve been chosen. Now what?

  • What happens during the visit?

  • What happens after?

  • This sounds really stressful—will it be?

  • What is Practice Enhancement all about?

  • Who do I contact at the College if I have questions about being chosen for a practice assessment?

  • How much time do I have to complete the practice assessment?

  • Do I need to get patient consent to let the Assessor to look at charts?

  • Does my employer have to pay me for my time spent I doing my practice assessment?

  • If I have more than one work site, where should I schedule the assessment?

  • Are patients and clients directly involved in a practice assessment?

  • Are the questions the Assessor will ask me available for me to see?

  • Is the information collected by the College about the practice assessment shared with College staff or Committees?

  • Will the results of my practice assessment be shared with my employer?

  • Will the outcome of my practice assessment be made public on the Public Register?

How to Prepare for a Practice Assessment

Steps to Prepare

  1. Review the Rules and Resources section of the website.

  2. Compare your current practice against the Rules and Standards.

  3. Be sure your professional portfolio shows your growth and learning as a physiotherapist over the past 5 years.

  4. Arrange a private space at your work site for the upcoming practice assessment. Assessments are held at your primary place of employment.

  5. A Practice Assessor will visit you at your workplace to review six patient charts and ask you a set of practice related questions. These questions are outlined in the Practice Assessment Questions document .The Assessor records information gathered during your assessment and shares it with the College as a report.

  6. After the Practice Assessment is complete and the Assessor has submitted the report to the College, a Quality Assurance Committee made up of six physiotherapists and public members reviews the document and makes a decision based on the report.

Practice Assessment and Portfolio Resources

Practice Assessment and Portfolio Resources

What to Expect During Your Practice Assessment

Practice Assessment Forms
(Questions You're Asked During Your Practice Assessment)

Practice Assessment Timeline

Access to Facilities and Charts

How to Select Records

Guide to a Suggested Rating

Chart Stimulated Recall Worksheet

How You Can Identify and Document Your Learning Goals

Steps to Creating a Professional Portfolio

Professional Portfolio Guide

Identification of Learning Needs

Learning Plan

Skills for Learning Questionnaire

SMART Learning Goals

How to Document Your Self-Reflections Based What You Have Learned

Accomplishment Statement

Reflection on Outcomes of Learning Activities