About Practice Assessments

The College conducts practice assessments to ensure that physiotherapists continue to meet minimum standards for safety and quality throughout their career. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) requires all Colleges to have practice assessments as part of their quality assurance program.

Changes Are Coming Soon to Practice Assessments

The College is currently redeveloping the Quality Assurance program which will change the way Practice Assessments are conducted. Learn more about the changes using the flowchart and video below, and review some of the research and background information that has inspired the redevelopment. Stay tuned for updates. 

Graphic of recommended program v4 - for Council (Nov 28 2017)

Quality Assurance Consultations

The College conducted extensive research in order to establish the framework for the new Quality Assurance program including consultations with members, the public, regulators and other stakeholders. Best practices in Canada and abroad were reviewed and a Quality Assurance Working Group was developed to guide the redevelopment. 


  • Connected with more than 1,000 physiotherapists via in person sessions across the province, a webinar and a session on the Ontario Telehealth Network. 
  • Conducted 365 additional online consultations.
  • Completed targeted consultations with recently assessed physiotherapists, peer assessors and current and past Quality Assurance Committee members. 
Engaged the Citizen Advisory Group for patient consultations. 

Quality Assurance Working Group Members

Gary Rehan, Council President
Darryn Mandel, Council Member
James Lee, Council and Quality Assurance Committee Member
Theresa Stevens, Council Member and Chair of Quality Assurance Committee
Jatinder Bain, Quality Assurance Committee Member
Shelley Martin, Manager, Quality Assurance
Jill Adolphe, Citizens Advisory Group Member