Practice Assessments

The College conducts practice assessments to ensure that physiotherapists continue to meet minimum standards for safety and quality throughout their career. The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) requires all Colleges to have practice assessments as part of their quality assurance program.

Thank you to the 250 PTs who had screening interviews for the remote assessment pilot. Based on the results of the pilot and feedback from the participants and assessors, improvements will be made to the process and tools before we resume our screening interviews. We anticipate that the Quality Assurance Program will start selecting new participants after April 2020.

What Are Practice Assessments? 

Like other regulated health professionals, the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario is required by law to have a Quality Assurance program to help protect patients by ensuring members are following the standards of the profession and delivering safe, ethical and competent care. 

For physiotherapists, the Quality Assurance Program includes:

  1. Self-assessments
  2. Continuing professional development
  3. Practice assessments

The practice assessment process includes two steps. First, members will complete a pre-assessment questionnaire followed by a remote assessment. The remote assessment will have a cut score and if you do not meet the cut score, you will be asked to complete an on-site assessment.

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Who is eligible to complete a practice assessment?

Members are eligible to be selected for practice assessment if they:

  • Have an active Independent Practice registration
  • Have been registered in Independent Practice for more than two years, and
  • Are currently providing patient care.

I am eligible for a practice assessment, when will I be selected?

Eligible members will be selected in sequence. Members who have not participated in a practice assessment before will be selected first, starting with the members who have been in practice the longest. The remaining members will be selected in order based on their last assessment date from least to most recent. In other words, the members who were assessed the earliest will be selected first.

After you have completed the practice assessment process you will be removed from the selection pool for approximately 10 years. 

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I was selected for a REMOTE ASSESSMENT

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I was selected for an ON-SITE ASSESSMENT

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What is Continuing Professional Development?

  • As professionals, you have an obligation to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.
  • Continuing professional development shows that you are still learning and growing and helps ensure that patients are receiving the highest quality care.

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How was the New Quality Assurance Program Developed? 

  • A Quality Assurance Working Group was created to lead the development of the new program. 
  • Extensive stakeholder consultations and research about best practices in Canada and abroad. 
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