Starting the Conversation about Changes to College Practice Assessments

Learn More about Practice Assessments

At the recent Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) InterACTION conference, College President Stephen Mangoff and Registrar Shenda Tanchak spoke to a group of 300 physiotherapy students and registered physiotherapists about proposed practice assessment changes. The current program has been in place for 13 years and research show it is time to re-evaluate and make updates based on shifting practices, demographics and the risk research.

Assessments are one of the required ways self-regulated healthcare professionals assure the public and regulators they are practising safely and effectively.

A huge thanks to the OPA for this amazing opportunity to connect with the professional and gather invaluable feedback. We found it to be incredibly helpful and the information gathered will feed directly into our consultation process. 

The Larger Group Broke into Smaller Groups and Discussed:

  • how and when physios should be selected for a practice assessments
  • the pros and cons of randomly choosing physios versus choosing people based on pre-determined criteria (number of years in practice, practice setting they work in, or gender for example)
  • what parts of assessment are most important and provide the most value (chart stimulated recall or reviewing records for example)
  • the kinds of tools that could be used (multi-source feedback questionnaires, patient simulation or portfolios for example)
  • And much, much more.


How Can YOU Provide Feedback on the Future Practice Assessment Model?

The College will be heading out to cities and towns across Ontario over the coming year to meet face-to-face with physiotherapists and consult on which Practice Assessment model will best meet the needs of patients and the profession. There is an opportunity here to work together and create something great. Watch the website and the monthly e-newsletter Perspectives for a list of locations, dates and other ways to share your thoughts on this exciting project.