Ontario Clinical Exam

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What is the Ontario Clinical Exam?

The Ontario Clinical Exam (OCE) is a virtual exam that is available in English and French. Candidates will complete the exam from a location of their choice, such as their home or office, using a device of their choice, as long as stated technology and room set up requirements are met. The OCE is not delivered at a centralized testing site. Candidates who cannot meet the technology requirements should contact the exams team directly to review their options.

The OCE will explore the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities and how these are applied in practice. There will be no demonstration of hands-on clinical skills. The OCE will be a two-part exam that will take most candidates three hours to complete. 

The OCE will use a structured interview format, with two College-approved examiners assessing each candidate. Candidates will be provided with scenarios that require them to draw on their own knowledge to provide an appropriate answer given the situation.

Exam Policies

Ontario Clinical Exam: Virtual Exam Dates

Registration for virtual administrations of the OCE is open. Please visit the How to Register for the Ontario Clinical Exam page for more information. 

Candidates will be assigned to the first available exam and will be required to pay the full exam fee during registration. Candidates will not have the option to select exam dates.

All supporting documentation for accommodations must be uploaded during registration. Candidates will not be assigned to an exam until all supporting documentation is received. 

Each day will include both morning and afternoon exam sessions.

Exam Date  Registration Deadline Results Released
Saturday, June 1, 2024  (Full)  July 24, 2024
Sunday, June 2, 2024  (Full)  July 24, 2024
Friday, October 25, 2024  July 24, 2024  December 5, 2024
Saturday, October 26, 2024  July 24, 2024  December 5, 2024
Friday, January 24, 2025
 October 23, 2024  March 24, 2025
Saturday, January 25, 2025
 October 23, 2024  March 24, 2025
Friday, March 28, 2025  January 2, 2025  May 8, 2025
Saturday, March 29, 2025  January 2, 2025  May 8, 2025

Please email exam@collegept.org to be placed on a wait list for an earlier exam.

There is a rebooking fee to change your exam date. Please review the Exam Fees section for more information. 

Please make sure your application is complete and includes school information, proof of graduation and CAPR results. 

New graduates:
You must have a copy of your degree, or verified that your program has submitted confirmation of your degree to the College before submitting an application for the Ontario Clinical Exam. 

Applications without proof of graduation will not be accepted. Your application will be automatically withdrawn and your exam fees returned.

Who is Eligible for the Ontario Clinical Exam?

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are encouraged to carefully review the eligibility requirements listed along with the Eligibility Policy to determine if they can register to attempt the Ontario Clinical Exam.

Candidates must have successfully completed a degree in physiotherapy and the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) written exam within the last five years to register for the OCE.

Candidates who successfully complete the OCE can then apply for Independent Practice with the College.

Important: In Canada, candidates have a total of three attempts to successfully complete a clinical exam. Previous attempts at any clinical exam in any Canadian province or any alternative pathway with a pass/fail component in any Canadian province count toward a candidate's total of three attempts. Your clinical exam attempts do not reset with the OCE. 

You are eligible to register for the Ontario Clinical Exam if:

  • You currently hold a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration in Ontario OR
  • You previously held a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration in Ontario, and you have previously attempted the Physiotherapy Competency Exam — Clinical administered by Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) on no more than two occasions OR
  • You previously held an Independent Practice certificate of registration in Ontario and are required to successfully complete a clinical competency examination to be able to return to practice OR
  • You successfully completed the Physiotherapy Competency Exam — Written within the last five years* OR
  • The Registration Committee has directed that you attempt the Ontario Clinical Exam OR
  • You hold an Independent Practice Certificate of Registration which has a term, condition or limitation that requires you to successfully complete the Ontario Clinical Exam OR
  • You are the subject of an Undertaking or Agreement with the College which requires the successful completion of the Ontario Clinical Exam
*All candidates must have successfully completed with PCE - Written in the last five years to be eligible for the Ontario Clinical Exam, unless directed to take the OCE by the Registration Committee.

Who is NOT ELIGIBLE for the Ontario Clinical Exam?

  • Individuals who previously attempted any of the following, including any combinations of the three, and were unsuccessful on three or more occasions:
    • Physiotherapy Competency Exam — Clinical
    • Any other approved clinical exam in any other Canadian province
    • Any alternative pathways to registration with a pass/fail component in other Canadian province 
  • Individuals who currently hold a Provisional Practice Certificate (or equivalent) in another Canadian province without also being registered in Ontario, unless that province has approved the Ontario Clinical Exam as an acceptable clinical exam.

  • Individuals who completed the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) - Written more than five years ago. You have the option to retake the PCE - Written, and then apply for the OCE after you successfully pass the written exam. Please contact exam@collegept.org to receive a letter to present to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators to allow another written exam attempt.

Please be sure to read the Eligibility Policy

Exam Policy: Eligibility Criteria

Registration Committee

In order to meet the registration requirements for an Independent Practice certificate of registration, it is expected that the applicant has successfully completed a College approved clinical exam. Previously this was the national Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE –Clinical) and moving forward this will also include the Ontario Clinical Exam.

A number of individuals have applied for an Independent Practice Certificate of Registration without successfully completing a College approved clinical exam. These applications have to be referred to the Registration Committee for review unless the applicant met the Examination Exemption Policy approved by the Committee.

Every application before the Registration Committee is dealt with on its own merits. However, it may assist applicants in deciding how to proceed with their application to know that the Registration Committee has historically either:

  1. refused to issue an independent practice certificate of registration, or
  2. directed the issuance of an independent practice certificate of registration with terms, condition and limitations including direct (side by side) supervision, moving to a modified supervision model and successful completion of the OCE at the first opportunity available.

Given that dates for the OCE have been confirmed and more will be released soon, applicants are encouraged to secure their exam date as soon as possible. The Registration Committee pathway does take 4-6 months to go through and applicants should not assume that they will be exempted from the OCE.

Further, it is important for applicants to know that if the Committee refuses to issue the applicant an Independent Practice Certificate of Registration, this may need to be disclosed to other regulatory bodies if the candidate chooses to apply for registration in  another jurisdiction.

Questions? Email exam@collegept.org or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 215.