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Si vous désirez communiquer avec une conseillère en français, veuillez appeler directement Mary-Catherine au 1-800-583-5885 ou au 416 591-3828, poste 294.

In rare instances, the information presented may indicate that a person is at risk or fraudulent business practices are happening. In these cases, the advisor may share the information with others. The advisor will let you know that the information is being shared, why it is being shared, and any next steps.  

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I’m leaving a practice. What do I do if there is no physiotherapist available to take over my patients?


When you're leaving a practice and there's no other PT available to take over your patients, it's important to make sure they still have options for continuing their care. 

Talk to your employer about how you will let your patients know you're leaving. Options may include providing your patients with a list of other physiotherapists in the area who can help them, or giving the patient an exercise plan to follow at home to keep up with their treatment.

Sometimes, your employment contract might have rules that stop you from telling patients where you are going next. If that's the case, you can direct them to the College’s Public Register, where your new job is listed. Make sure you update your information so patients can find you if they want to.

If a patient decides to keep seeing you at your new job, they can ask for a copy of their physiotherapy record from the Health Information Custodian at your previous clinic. This helps make sure you maintain the information you need to continue their care.

The Leaving a Practice Checklist outlines all of the things you’ll need to do before you leave.

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