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Can I reward patients with free treatments in exchange for a positive review of our physiotherapy clinic on social media?


No, physiotherapists cannot offer benefits or rewards in exchange for positive reviews. 

Consider the following three Standards:

The Conflict of Interest Standard states that Physiotherapists must recognize and manage situations that may result in a real, potential, or perceived conflict of interest. A PT is in a conflict of interest if their professional actions or decisions result in a benefit to them, a relative, or a corporation in which the PT or a relative has an interest. This includes giving a benefit to a patient to promote your business.

The College's Boundaries and Sexual Abuse Standard requires that physiotherapists always act in the patient's best interest to manage boundaries in the therapeutic relationship. Patients and others may perceive that they are being pressured or bribed to leave a positive review, which is not only unethical, but blurs those boundaries.

Additionally, the Advertising Standard requires that all advertising be true, accurate and verifiable. Patients may be encouraged to submit positive reviews based on the desire for a discount rather than their actual experience and opinion. 

Physiotherapists can solicit positive reviews in ways that do not cross boundaries or present a potential conflict of interest. Consider inviting patients who have had a positive experience to leave a review by putting up a sign in your clinic, or including the information in a newsletter that goes out to patients who have signed up to receive it.