COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What screening questions should I ask priror to an in person appointment?

  • What infection control measures and products should I use for cleaning my clinic?

  • Can I be asked to do activities that are not typically in the scope of physiotherapy practice?

  • I'm considering tele-practice as an alternative to in-person visits during the COVID-19 or other infectious outbreak, what are some considerations?

  • I need to switch gears and move from working in an sports outpatient clinic to an ICU? What should I do?

  • Can I refuse to provide care if I feel I’m not competent to deliver care in a certain area?

  • Do I need to meet the requirements of the Record Keeping Standard if I am deployed to different practice setting?

  • Can physiotherapists be redeployed from their current position to a different position during the pandemic?

  • Can I use virtual care to deliver group treatment to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • As a health care provider, should I be tested for COVID-19?

FAQs: Patient Screening for COVID-19 and the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Do I need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

  • What if I am supposed to use PPE but it is not available?

  • Can I reuse personal protective equipment (PPE)?

  • Who can I contact if we are short PPE?

  • Will I get into trouble with the College if I decide not to provide care without the appropriate PPE?

  • I understand that I need to wear PPE if my patient has COVID-19, but what does it mean if they are suspected of having COVID-19?

  • Are there specific rules for primary care providers in a community setting?

  • Are there specific rules for hospitals? (March 30, 2020)

  • Are there specific rules for Long-Term Care Facilities?

  • Who can go into a long-term care home (March 30, 2020) ​

  • Are there additional resources?