Fees, Billing and Accounts

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FAQs: Fees and Billing Practices

  • I’ve heard rumours about shady business practices at a private clinic I used to work at. Is there any way I can verify that my name and registration number were used appropriately?

  • A patient’s treatment costs $40 but the insurance company only reimburses 80% so the patient asks for a receipt for $50 so they don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. How should I respond?

  • Sometimes I recommend exercise programs or personal training for my clients who have physiotherapy coverage. Can I bill these activities as physiotherapy?

  • Where I work all the billing is taken care of by the office manager. Is this ok?

  • Can I use my name and registration number on the invoice so my patient can be reimbursed for their massage therapy treatment?

  • Can I offer “package deals”? For example, selling treatments of 5 for $200 rather than $50 per session?