Tele-practice FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about tele-rehabilitation in physiotherapy.

FAQs: Virtual Practice (also known as tele-practice) in Physiotherapy

  • What is tele-rehabilitation (also known as virtual care or tele-practice)?

  • When is tele-rehabilitation appropriate?

  • How does a physiotherapist know if virtual care is the right option?

  • Which types of treatment or modalities are acceptable to deliver virtually?

  • What are some of the risks of tele-practice?

  • Am I required to have liability insurance if I am providing virtual care?

  • How does a physiotherapist choose a technology platform for virtual practice?

  • What needs to be considered when it comes to wearable technology?

  • How does a physiotherapist get a patient's consent for tele-practice?

  • Can physiotherapist assistants (PTAs) be involved in virtual care?

  • Can I use email to communicate with patients?

  • How do I keep records when doing virtual care?

  • Why do physiotherapists need to include advice provided by email or phone in patient records?

  • How much can a physiotherapist charge for a virtual care session?

  • Is it acceptable for a physiotherapist to bill for email or telephone communication?

  • What information should be included on the invoice?

  • Is virtual care covered by third party payors and insurers?

  • Can a physiotherapist continue to provide care for a patient who is temporarily out of the province using virtual care?

  • If I am registered as a PT in another province, can I provide care to Ontario patients? If I am an Ontario PT can I practice PT in another province?

FAQs: Insurer Coverage and Virtual Practice

  • Is the PT expected to indicate on the invoice this was tele-practice? Should the session cost less?

  • Which modalities or types of treatment are acceptable to deliver through virtually (by tele-practice)?

  • Can the initial visit be done virtually by tele-practice?

  • Is it acceptable to use email or telephone communication, and is it billable? Why or why not?

  • Can I deliver group treatment to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic?