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I'm rostered to perform acupuncture. Can I use the title acupuncturist, in addition to physiotherapist?

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No. Only people registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario can use the title acupuncturist.

If you are interested in learning more about registering with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario as an acupuncturist, visit their website,



Practice Scenario

Refresh Yourself

Jeff had been working in the ICU
for the last several years.
But of late he’d started
to feel burnt out...

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Refresh Yourself

Jeff had been working in the ICU for the last several years. Initially the intensity and urgency of this practice setting was what attracted him. But of late he’d started to feel burnt out. Wonky hours and the rush of seeing so many critical patients (with so little time) had lost their lustre. He missed the one-on-one of the clinic setting, where he’d had room to build ongoing relationships with his patients, and see the difference he could make with repeated exposure to his ‘regulars’ as they improved.

The College relied on Jeff to be responsible about any changes in his physiotherapy practice, from setting through skillset. His area of focus had been narrowed over these recent years to the kinds of treatments he could effectively provide in the ICU. He had to admit he’d probably be rusty when it came to what he’d be doing back at a clinic. And things might’ve changed a lot while he was away. To ensure competence—his ability to provide safe care for future patients—he knew he’d have to brush up.

Turning to a colleague who’d never left the clinic setting, Jeff asked to shadow her and see what he’d been missing. With her supervision and feedback, he tried some trial runs, consulting with other clinic physiotherapists to determine the learning gap he’d need to fill. He hadn’t forgotten much, but treatment modalities had certainly diversified with new technologies. And most important for Jeff was re-familiarizing himself with the physical skills he’d need on a daily basis. Once they felt like second-nature to him again, he knew he was ready to make the switch.

All he had left to do was to inform the College about his change in practice.

Rostering for a controlled act is the process where physiotherapists add their names to a list indicating they have the required training, education and experience to safely perform the higher risk activity. It is requirement for any physiotherapists performing or delegating these activities (not all can be delegated).  

Physiotherapists must roster for each of the authorized activities or controlled acts they perform in their practice. Rostering must be completed online and is mandatory for any physiotherapist doing these identified authorized activities under their own authority. 

The only exception is communicating a diagnosis. This activity does not require rostering as it is considered an essential competency for PTs.

Rostering information is available to the public on the Public Register and appears on each PTs profile.

Physiotherapists must roster if they perform:

  • tracheal suctioning 
  • spinal manipulation 
  • acupuncture (including dry needling)
  • treating a wound below the dermis 
  • pelvic internal exams (this includes putting an instrument, hand or finger, beyond the labia majora, or beyond the anal verge)
  • administering a substance by inhalation 

Rostering for a controlled act will not increase the likelihood or frequency of physiotherapists being selected for a screening interview as part of the Quality Assurance program. 

A Bit of History about Authorized Activities, Controlled Acts and Rostering

Physiotherapists were granted the authority to perform additional authorized activities because of changes to the Physiotherapy Act in 2011. With the increased privilege to perform these specific activities came an increased responsibility to demonstrate to the public and patients that physiotherapists provide safe, quality care. To support this, Council directed the College to introduce a rostering system.

Rostering for communicating a diagnosis is not necessary as it is considered an essential competency for physiotherapists. Rostering for diagnostic activities such as ordering a prescribed form of energy, x-ray investigations and specified laboratory tests is not in effect at this time as the College is awaiting approval of the  Regulated Health Professions Act, the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act and the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act. Unfortunately, the College has no authority to change these regulations. 

Please note that in August 2011, the Standard of Professional Practice: Controlled Acts was replaced by the Controlled Acts and Other Restricted Activities Standard.

How to Roster Using the Online System

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Questions About Rostering?

Contact the College at 
or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222

Roster Using Online System
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Read the Standard: Performing Controlled Acts