About the Screening Interview

Getting Started

Please follow steps one through six below to learn more about the screening interview process.

If you have received an email from the College telling you that you were selected for a screening interview, you must review and complete each step in the process, starting with Step 1.

Click on each green STEP below to learn what you need to do for your screening interview.


Selection & Pre-Interview Questionnaire

You receive an email from the College telling you that you have been selected for the screening interview.


Assessor Matching & Conflict of Interest

After you complete your pre-screening questionnaire you receive an email from the College matching you with an assessor.


Scheduling the Screening Interview

Your assessor will contact you by email to schedule your screening interview.


Completing the Screening Interview Record Keeping Checklist

Download, complete and upload the required Screening Interview Record Keeping Checklist before your screening interview.


Preparing for the Screening Interview 

Prepare for your screening interview in advance and read the screening interview questions.


Completing the Interview & Your Results

Log on to your virtual interview in advance. A report is submitted to the College to be scored.

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The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario’s screening interview is a one-hour video conference between a physiotherapist and a College assessor. The screening interview is a part of the College’s quality assurance program and one way the College ensures physiotherapists are providing safe, competent and ethical care.

Who is eligible for a screening interview?

PTs who have been registered in Independent Practice for at least two years and provide patient care.

How does the screening interview work?

The screening interview involves the assessor and the physiotherapist discussing examples provided by the physiotherapist. The interview is conducted using a format called a behaviour-based interview. This style of interview is to help the assessor learn how the physiotherapist has applied knowledge to their practice through the use of the physiotherapist’s examples.

The assessor will not coach or provide feedback on practice during the screening interview. The goal of the screening interview is to identify PTs who may require a more in-depth assessment of their practice.

Following the screening interview, the assessor completes a scored report that is submitted to the College. If the College needs more information about how the physiotherapist applies knowledge of the rules and standards to their practice, the PT will be asked to complete an assessment.

Screening Interview: General FAQs

  • I am not able to participate in the screening interview. What are my options?

  • Who is eligible to be selected for a screening interview?

  • When will I be selected for a screening interview?

  • What should I expect in the screening interview?

  • Can I volunteer to complete a screening interview?

  • What happens if I am going on parental leave or leaving the profession?

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COMPLETE the pre-interview questionnaire and UPDATE your contact, employment and roster information in the PT Portal.

Visit the PT Portal


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READ the screening interview questions.


Screening Interview Questions.


About Assessments

Physiotherapists whose screening interview results indicate that the College requires more information about their practice will be required to complete the assessment.


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Questions? Contact College staff
1-800-583-5885 ext. 212


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Learn about your Continuing Professional Development obligations.