Screening Interview Step 1

Selection and Pre-Interview Questionnaire

White arrow on orange circle You will receive an email from the College telling you that you have been selected for the screening interview. Each month a set number of physiotherapists are selected for this mandatory quality assurance activity.

White arrow on orange circle If you would like to request a deferral (delay your screening interview), please advise the College as soon as possible. You can request a deferral for your screening interview by contacting the Quality Assurance team who will consider your circumstances. Deferrals must meet certain criteria.

White arrow on orange circle The email will ask you to log into the PT Portal and complete a pre-interview questionnaire. The pre-interview questionnaire will ask for more details about your practice including your primary and secondary work site, and you will need to review and update your employment, contact and roster details.

White arrow on orange circle You will also be asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions that highlight some standards and resources and encourage you to think about your practice. This pre-interview questionnaire should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. The questions are not scored.

White arrow on orange circle You have 14 days from the day you received the email to complete the pre-interview questionnaire and update your information in the PT Portal.

White arrow on orange circle After you complete the pre-interview questionnaire, you will receive an email with the answers to the series of questions you completed. Take some time to review the answers and consider areas that might need more attention. As a reminder, the screening interview is designed as an opportunity for you to reflect on your practice. 

White arrow on orange circle In the Practice Assessments section of the PT Portal you will see a table of all due dates for each step in your screening interview process. Be sure to complete each step by the required date. Any emails you receive from the College will also tell you when things are due.


Questions? Find Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

To do: Complete the pre-interview questionnaire

1. Go to the PT Portal

2. Log in and click on the Practice Assessments tab on the left

3. Click the Screening Interview link

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COMPLETE the pre-interview questionnaire and UPDATE your contact,
employment and roster information in the PT Portal.

Visit the PT Portal


Screening Interview: Step 1 FAQs

  • How should I prepare for my screening interview?

  • How can I get a deferral or extension for my screening interview?

  • Do I have to pay for anything related to my screening interview? 

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Questions? Contact College staff
1-800-583-5885 ext. 212


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