Screening Interview Step 3

Scheduling the Screening Interview


White arrow on orange circle If no conflict of interest exists, the assessor will contact you within three days to schedule a date for the screening interview. The assessor will use the email that you identified as your primary contact for the College, so please be sure to check that account. 

White arrow on orange circle Please do not contact your assessor using their employment information on the Public Register. Your assessor will email you and together you can decide on a convenient day and time to schedule your screening interview and determine which videoconferencing program you plan to use. The College recommends that screening interviews are completed using Zoom, however you are free to use other similar software.

White arrow on orange circle You have seven days to respond to the assessor’s email and set up a screening interview appointment. Remember to check the due dates in the PT Portal for scheduling and completing the screening interview.

White arrow on orange circle Screening interviews take approximately one hour to complete. Keep in mind it may take more than one hour. Do not book patients directly before or following your screening interview. It’s a good idea to add 15 minutes before and after the interview.


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Screening Interview: Step 3 FAQs

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