Screening Interview Step 5

Preparing for the Screening Interview

White arrow on orange circle Prepare for your screening interview well in advance. 

White arrow on orange circle Begin by looking at the questions you will be asked. 

White arrow on orange circle After reviewing the questions, think of specific examples from your practice over the last year to help you answer the question. You will be asked to reference specific examples instead of talking about general scenarios. You may want to have the patient chart and some notes available to you to look at during your screening interview.  

White arrow on orange circle Remember that the assessor may ask you additional questions to help clarify  information. These questions are not available to you beforehand. They are intended to build on the information you have already provided. 

White arrow on orange circle Review the standards and rules you will be asked questions about.  

White arrow on orange circle Watch a video showing an example of a behaviour-based interview question to give you an idea of the interview format.  

White arrow on orange circle If you have not already done so, upload your completed Screening Interview Record Keeping Checklist in the PT Portal one week before your interview. 

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REVIEW the standards and rules to PREPARE for your screening interview.

Standards & Rules

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Screening Interview

Download Questions

WATCH an example of a behaviour-based interview.

Screening Interview: Step 5 FAQs

  • How long does the screening interview take?

  • Can I complete the screening interview by phone instead of video conferencing?

  • What do I need to complete before my screening interview?

  • Can I bring notes and a patient chart to my screening interview?

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