Screening Interview Step 6

Completing the Interview & Your Results

White arrow on orange circle On the day of your screening interview, log into the agreed upon technology platform (you should have the video conference link in your email) at least 15 minutes before the screening interview starts.  

White arrow on orange circle Test your audio and video. Be sure to read Screening Interview Technology Tips for Screening Interview to help maximize your virtual experience. 

White arrow on orange circle The assessor will try to keep the interview to one hour but remember to schedule extra time afterward in case it takes a bit longer. To be safe, we suggest adding 15 minutes following the interview.  

White arrow on orange circle You will be asked six or seven questions depending on your practice. You may not be asked certain questions if you do not work with physiotherapist assistants or you are not rostered for controlled acts. If you did not provide specific examples about your practice in your answers, the assessor may ask for more information and for you to be more specific.  

White arrow on orange circle Remember, the assessor will not identify or recommend areas of improvement in your practice during or after the screening interview. The educational value of the screening interview is in the preparation for the interview, completion of the self-audit of a patient record, and moments of self-reflection that happen during the interview. 

White arrow on orange circle The goal of the screening interview is to identify if the College needs more information about a PT’s practice. Those physiotherapists will move on to an on-site assessment. The assessor cannot tell you if you are required to do an on-site assessment. The decision to move a PT on to the on-site assessment is not made by the assessor but is determined by the screening interview report once it has been entered in the system.  

After the Interview

White arrow on orange circle Following your screening interview, the assessor completes and submits your screening interview report to the College. The report is then entered into a system to be scored. 

White arrow on orange circle You will receive an email from the College letting you know that your report is available for you to access in the PT Portal within two to three weeks of the date you completed your screening interview. You can download and print a PDF of your results if you choose, and they will remain accessible in the PT Portal. 

White arrow on orange circle The report will let you know if you have successfully completed your screening interview or if you are required to participate in a second activity called an on-site assessment.  

White arrow on orange circle If you are not required to do an on-site assessment then you are done. You will not be selected for another screening interview until we have gone through the full rotation of PTs. We anticipate that this will take approximately 10 years, however that number is an estimate and could change. 

White arrow on orange circle If you have any questions about the report, you are welcome to contact the Quality Assurance Manager at any time. 

White arrow on orange circle If you require the report in an alternate format, please do not hesitate to let the College know and they are happy to assist. 


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