Transitioning to Practice in Ontario Learning Modules

The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario has partnered with Zubin Austin, a professor of Health Services Research at the University of Toronto and researcher focused on the continuing professional development and education of health care professionals for a series of learning modules focused on transitioning to practice as a physiotherapist in Ontario.

This series includes six video modules that cover a variety of topics including boundaries, consent, business practices and communication. Each module includes a quiz to help learners reflect on the key points, and additional resources to support ongoing learning. 

These learning modules are ideal for: 

  • Internationally educated physiotherapists who are starting their careers in Ontario
  • Physiotherapy students who are getting ready to practice
  • PT Residents currently completing their supervised practice period
  • Experienced physiotherapists who have been away from the profession for a period of time
  • PTs who are looking to refresh or enhance their knowledge of key skills

Each module should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete — this includes time to complete the quiz. Each module is separate and can be completed at your convenience.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the modules, please email

Learning Modules

To access the modules and complete the quizzes, click on the links below. 

Module 1:

Person-Centred Care in the Practice of Physiotherapy

Complete Module 1

Module 2:

Effective Communication Techniques

Complete Module 2

Module 3:

Inter and Intra-Professional Collaboration

Complete Module 3

Module 4:

Patient Safety in Physiotherapy

Complete Module 4

Module 5:

Boundaries and Consent

Complete Module 5

Module 6:

Business Practices

Complete Module 6


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