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August 16, 2018

Before agreeing to take on a job as a physiotherapist, it is essential that you make sure that the employer/clinic owner allows you to meet your professional obligations. 

This checklist captures a number of professional obligations you should consider before signing a new employment contract.

If need additional information or have specific questions about starting a new job, contact the Practice Advisor at practiceadvice@collegept.org or 647-484-8800 or 1-800-583-5885 ext. 241. They are happy to chat with you about it.

8-Oblig_BillingFees, Billing and Accounts

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be certain that the employer understands that your name and registration number can only be used for billing when you, or someone under your supervision, have provided physiotherapy services. 

10-Oblig_Checkmark Ensure that you have access to billings that include your name, professional title and registration number.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Ensure that a written fee schedule exists for each funding stream that the clinic accepts and that it contains the required components. See the Fees, Billing and Accounts Standard for fee schedule requirements. 

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be certain that the billing system in place allows you to provide an itemized account for services and/or products if a patient or payer requests one. 

 Icon_padlockRecord Keeping and Privacy

10-Oblig_Checkmark Ensure that you understand the requirements of the Record Keeping Standard for clinical and financial records. 

10-Oblig_Checkmark Confirm with the employer if you will be the Health Information Custodian (HIC) or an agent of the HIC, and ensure that you have this information in writing. Both you and the employer should understand the obligations of the HIC and the agent of the HIC.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be aware of where clinical and financial records of patients will be kept and ensure that they are secured. 

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be certain that patients will be able to access their clinical and financial records upon request within the record retention period.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Understand the procedures in place at the clinic for release of personal health information of patients in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)

10-Oblig_Accountability  Working with Physiotherapist Assistants (PTAs)

10-Oblig_Checkmark Talk with your employer about your obligations when supervising and assigning care to PTAs as described in the Working with Physiotherapists Assistants Standard. As the supervising physiotherapist you are always responsible for the care delivered by a PTA under your supervision.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Ensure that you understand your responsibilities as a supervisor, which includes actively monitoring the competency of PTAs under your supervision and generating a written communication plan.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be certain that there is another physiotherapist that PTAs under your supervision can contact if you cannot be reached.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Ensure that the billing system in place allows for the names and job titles of PTAs to appear on patient invoices.

Box Infection Control and Equipment Maintenance 

10-Oblig_Checkmark Talk with the employer about the infection prevention and control measures of the clinic and ensure that you can meet the expectations of the Infection Control and Equipment Maintenance Standard

4-Oblig_PISA  Advertising

10-Oblig_Checkmark Review the advertisements of the facility and ensure that all advertisements about physiotherapy services meet the College’s Advertising Standard. If they do not, discuss the changes required to meet the expectations with the employer.

2-Oblig_Roster  College Membership Requirements

10-Oblig_CheckmarkObtain liability insurance that meets the requirements of the College. This includes having tail insurance which provides coverage for incidents occurring during your physiotherapy practice as well as coverage for claims made up to 10 years after you stop practicing.

10-Oblig_Checkmark Be certain that you are rostered for any controlled acts you will be performing and for supervising PTAs (if applicable).

10-Oblig_Checkmark Once you have accepted the job, update your information in the PT portal or notify the College of your job change within 30 days. Contact the Registration Team at registration@collegept.org

Add icon  Additional Considerations

10-Oblig_Checkmark Do your research on the employer/clinic to make sure that they are reputable. Working for disreputable employers may impact your relationship with insurance providers.

10-Oblig_CheckmarkKnow your employment status and its implications—Are you an employee or self-employed? Please see advice from Canada Revenue Agency or the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

10-Oblig_CheckmarkUnderstand that you can negotiate clauses in a contract and seek professional advice from a lawyer on verbal and written agreements or contracts between you and the employer. Apply caution and ask clarifying questions if an employer directs how you should practice (e.g. selling products, making referrals, assigning care). 

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