What is a regulatory college

  • Find out about self-regulation and learn how the College makes decisions and meets its mandate to serve the public.

Consultation - provide your feedback

  • Gathering feedback and comments from the public, the profession, and other interested groups helps the College to develop Standards 

Council Materials, Minutes & Highlights

Access all of the Council materials, including Annual Reports

Accessibility & Privacy policies

  • Learn more about the College's policies on accessibility and privacy. 


  • View a list current job opportunities at the College

Legislation, Regulation, By-Laws & Rules

  • A comprehensive list of the rules and standards that govern the practice of physiotherapists in Ontario.

Data Requests for PT Information

  • Learn about the process for getting information about physiotherapists.

College Council Elections

  • Learn about how to elect and nominate a physiotherapist to serve as a Council member.

Commitment to Transparency

  • Learn about the College's commitment to transparency and read submissions to the government.

En français

L’Ordre dicte les règles et les normes dans les deux langues officielles. Vous trouverez aussi plusieurs ressources disponibles en anglais et en français. Si vous avez besoin de renseignements sous un autre format, c’est avec plaisir que nous pourrons vous aider.

En français

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