Review Screening Interview Results  

White arrow on orange circle You will receive an email from the College to tell you that your screening interview results are available in the PT Portal. The screening interview report will let you know if you are required to complete an assessment and if so, the College will send a second email making you aware that the assessment process has begun.

White arrow on orange circle Log in to the PT Portal to review your personal and employment information and make changes if needed. You need to ensure your employment information is still accurate as this will help the College match you with an assessor. You have one week to update your information. 

White arrow on orange circle In the PT Portal you will see a table of all due dates for each step in your assessment process. Be sure to complete each step by the required date. Any emails you receive from the College will also tell you when things are due. 


Log in to PT Portal

To do: Update your employment information 

1. Go to the PT Portal

2. Log in and click on the Practice Assessments tab on the left

3. Click the Assessment link 

4. Review and update your employment information  

Black and white icon indicating calendar and online portal


REVIEW DUE DATES in the PT Portal.

Visit the PT Portal


Contact options with depictions of an envelope a woman and phone  

if you have any questions 

1-800-583-5885 ext. 212

Contact Us  

Assessment: Step 1 FAQs

  • What happens if my worksite changes between the time I do the screening interview and my assessment?

  • Is it possible to make changes to my employment record after resubmitting my pre-interview questionnaire?

  • How do I get a deferral or extension for an assessment?

  • How can I request an accommodation? Are there options if i require a disability-related accommodation?

  • Do I have to pay for anything related to my assessment?

  • What type of questions can I expect and how do I prepare for the assessment?