Getting Ready for Your Exam

The Ontario Clinical Exam (OCE) is a virtual remote exam. Candidates will complete the exam using their own device (desktop or laptop computer) that meets the technology requirements, and from a location of their choice that meets the room set up requirements. 

It is strongly recommended that candidates complete the exam in Ontario. All exam times are in eastern time (ET). If you are in a different time zone, it is your responsibility to know the local time of your exam. Candidates outside of the ET time zone will not be given alternative exam times.

Please carefully review the technology requirements and room set up requirements before your exam to make sure your technology will function properly, and that your room is set up appropriately. 

Review and download the following documents to understand how to prepare for the virtual exam and exam day procedures:  

Candidate Technology Requirements         

Room Set Up Requirements

What to Expect on Exam Day

Click through each section to learn more about exam day procedures. 

Please also review the What to Expect on Exam Day document in full before your exam. 

What to Expect on Exam Day

  • Dress Code

  • Exam Timing

  • How to Log In

  • Interacting with the Proctor

  • ID Verification

  • Room Scan

  • Technology Confirmation

  • Interacting with Examiners

  • Starting the Exam

  • Washroom Breaks

  • Troubleshooting Technical Issues

  • Ending the Exam

  • Receiving your Results

Questions? Email or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 215.