College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Revocations, Suspensions & Unregulated Practitioners

See a list of individuals who have had their registration certificates revoked (removed) as the result of a Discipline hearing. They are no longer permitted to practice as a physiotherapist in Ontario. Also see a list of people are not registered with the College and cannot call themselves a physiotherapist or PT.    

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Concerns & Complaints

If you have a concern that a physiotherapists acted inappropriately or want to make a complaint about the care you received, contact the College.

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Concerns & Complaints

If you have a concern that a physiotherapist may have acted inappropriately, you should contact the College. The College will give serious consideration to each matter and make sure that a fair process is followed.

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Public Consultation

Gathering feedback and comments from the public, the profession, and other interested groups helps the College to develop Standards and policies that best support the College’s work in protecting the public interest. Learn More