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Who we are

The Citizen Advisory Group Partnership brings together a large group of health regulatory colleges that fall under the Regulated Health Professions Act. This partnership is dedicated to engaging patients in the work of the regulator and collaboration.

The Citizen Advisory Group brings both the patient and the caregiver voice and perspective to our work. It is not a decision-making group, but instead provides essential feedback on a range of issues. Citizen Advisory Group participants bring their experience to bear on College policies, consultations on standards of practice and communications directed at the public.

What we do

The Citizen Advisory Group meets twice a year in facilitated, day-long meetings held in Toronto. The group is asked to provide their feedback and insight on issues such as:

  • the kind of information that should be available to patients on the Public Register

  • what information needs to be on the College website and how it should be presented

  • rules and standards for physiotherapists

Are you passionate about patient-centric care? Want to make a difference?

The Citizen Advisory Group is always looking for new members. If you or someone you know has had personal experience with a physiotherapist and physiotherapy, whether it be in private clinics, OHIP clinics, long-term care homes, hospitals, or nursing homes, we encourage you to consider joining the Citizen Advisory Group. We want to ensure that a truly broad range of patient are represented and their experience is heard.

Learn more about CAG Partners and Reports

Visit the Citizen Advisory Group Partnership website. See a list of participating colleges. Read meeting reports. Learn more about the work they do and how to apply.    

We want your feedback

Even if you cannot join the Citizen's Advisory Group, you can be a part of our online consultations and have your say on the rules and policies that govern physiotherapists.