Retiring, Resigning, Short-Term Leave from Practice & Fee Credits

Resign Your Registration with the College

If you are not planning to practice physiotherapy or use the title of physiotherapist in Ontario, you may choose to resign from the College, rather than renew your registration. 
If you choose to resign you will need to meet the requirements for registration in place at the time of your application for a certificate of registration to the College. If you wish to resign, please go to the PT Portal and sign in, then click My Profile and select Submit Resignation Notice.

Please note that if you are the professional corporation shareholder and resign from the College, your professional corporation will no longer exist. This is something to consider when making a decision about resigning from the College.

If you want to return to practice, you need to submit an application to the College. It can take up to 15 days for your application to be reviewed, processed and approved by the Registrar. Depending on the amount of time you have been away from practice your application could be referred to the Registration Committee and there may be further requirements to ensure you have current knowledge, skills and judgement to practice.

If you have questions please contact the Registration Team at or 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222.

Resign or Retire Now

Retirees Must Have Professional Liability Insurance

Physiotherapists are responsible for ensuring they have professional liability insurance coverage for claims that are made even after they have stopped providing patient care. These claims can be made months, or in some cases years, after the care was provided.

Insurance policies should automatically provide coverage for claims that arise after the policy has expired, even if the incident occurred during the policy period. The College’s by-laws require that all members have tail insurance or extended discovery in their current active policy. This provides coverage for any events that occurred while a full policy was held, but that were not reported until after that policy expired.

The College requires that physiotherapists have coverage for the period of time that patient care was provided, at a minimum of 10 years after ceasing patient care.

Physiotherapists who will no longer be providing patient care are encouraged to check with their insurer to be certain appropriate ongoing coverage is in place. 

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Short Term Leave

Physiotherapists who are planning a parental leave or a leave of absence for another reason, have two options to manage their registration with the College:

Option 1

Continue to Hold an Independent Practice Certificate

You do not have to be working to be registered with the College. As long as you meet the practice hour requirement and continue to fulfill other professional obligations (for example, Professional Issues Self-Assessment (PISA) and the Jurisprudence Module) you will be eligible to renew your registration. 

Option 2

Resign Your Registration with the College as outlined above.

Fee Credits

Physiotherapists may be entitled to receive a fee credit if they leave practice for longer than three months between April 1 to December 31 and only for the following reasons:

  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Education leave
  • Health-related leave
  • Compassionate/bereavement/family-related leave
  • Anyone who retires and then re-applies within one year
  • Leaving the province

Fee credits are pro-rated by the day. In most cases, they expire after 12 months from the date you resign. The exception is for maternity and paternity leaves which expire after 18 months.

The fee credit will be applied automatically to your fees if you apply to re-activate your registration within one year from the date of your resignation.

Updating Your Information

Registered physiotherapists are required to notify the College, in writing, of any changes to their address, phone number and employment information within 30 days of the change. The easiest way to meet this requirement is by updating your information online any time throughout the year.

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