Select Patient Records and Review Written Policies

Before your assessment, you need to gather and prepare certain documents for the assessor to review. These documents include 5 patient records, written policies, and the policy checklists you have used to review your written policies.

Please note, these documents must be received by the College 10 days BEFORE your assessment to allow your assessor adequate time to review them. The College uses a highly secure file sharing platform called TitanFile. Using your primary email address, you will receive the Quality Assurance program’s own personal TitanFile Secure Submit link which can then be used to share assessment documents.


1. Select five patient records  

Your assessor will review up to five patient records as part of the assessment. Select them in advance, based on the guide for selecting patient records. Please ensure you have arranged access with your work to share the records with the College in advance of your assessment. Keep in mind some facilities may need time to arrange access to patient records. 

Your assessor will review the records you have chosen against a checklist. We have provided you with a link to the checklist below for your reference. You are not required to complete this checklist before your assessment. This checklist is the same list of items you used when you conducted the self-audit of one patient record for your screening interview. 

Record Keeping Checklist

How to Choose Patient Records for an Assessment

Privacy and Access to Patient Records - What You Need to Know

2. Gather and review written policies  

Several College Standards require PTs to have written plans or policies in place.  
Depending on your practice situation, your written policies could include:  

  • One or more policies describing how to manage adverse events associated with a rostered activity 
  • A communication plan when working with physiotherapist assistants 
  • An infection prevention and control protocol 
  • A written process for review of equipment maintenance and safety 
  • A written process for review of fees, billings and accounts 

You should review your written policies using these checklists and send in completed copies of these checklists along with your written policies through the TitanFile link you will receive by email.


Assessment documents should NOT be sent directly over email to the College or to your Assessor. Please upload your documents using the TitanFile Secure Submit link you will receive by email. Once the documents have been received by the Quality Assurance team, we will confirm this by email and share them with your Assessor using TitanFile.

When the assessor completes your assessment report, they will include in their report if you are missing any policies or confirm if you have made plans to make changes or improve your written policies. 

If you are uncertain what written policies you should have according to the standards, please contact  College’s Practice Advisors at or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 241. 

Assessment: Step 4 FAQs

  • What written policies and checklists should I submit to the College for the assessment?

  • Am I required to de-identify patient records for the assessment?

  • Am I required to obtain my patients’ consent to allow the assessor to review the records I selected?

  • How do I select my five patient records for the assessment?

  • When I select my records for the assessor, how recent should they be?

  • Am I required to upload my patient records, written policies, and completed policy checklists before my assessment?

  • What is TitanFile and is it secure?

  • What happens if I am unable to share my assessment documents over TitanFile?

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Questions? Contact College staff
1-800-583-5885 ext. 212