Quality Assurance Committee Review  and Assessment Results 

The assessor will submit their report to the College within one week following your assessment. College staff will then review the report within the next two weeks. Normally, PTs can expect their results within two to three weeks.

You will receive an email when your report is available to be viewed or downloaded in the
PT Portal.

Quality Assurance Committee Review

Once a PT receives their assessment report, they have 30 days to provide a written response about the assessment results. The response and the assessment report are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Committee. The PT’s written response is their chance to provide further information about their practice and to clarify anything the assessor might have misunderstood. The PT can tell the Committee about anything they have learned or any changes they have made, or plan to make, to their practice since completing the assessment.

PTs are provided a tip sheet by email to help write the response. This information is accessible below as well.

PTs are not required to provide a written response, but if the assessor found any gaps in the PT’s assessment, a submission can help the Committee better understand the PT’s practice and the assessment results.

Possible Outcomes of An Assessment

The Committee can direct a PT to take some additional learning to address identified gaps in their practice. This could include meeting with a practice coach, submitting a review of College standards and resources, or completing courses. Any activities directed by the Committee are intended to help PTs address their learning needs in the areas identified by the assessment report.

After the Quality Assurance Committee reviews the assessment results and written responses, they usually close the file or propose additional learning. In rare cases they can decide to refer a PT to the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) or they can ask the Registrar to place terms, conditions or limitations on your practice.

To help the Committee make decisions in the public interest, they use a decision tool to help them consider risk.

For decisions that result in additional learning, restrictions on practice or a referral to ICRC, the PT is always given a second opportunity to respond to the Committee’s proposed decision. 

Within 30 days, PTs will receive an email letting them know if their file has been closed or if the Committee is proposing additional actions. If the PT’s file is closed, there is nothing more to do. If the Committee is proposing additional actions, the PT is given 30 days to respond to the Committee’s proposed actions. The Committee will consider the PT’s response before finalizing their decision.

PTs can always reach out to the Quality Assurance Team if they have questions about this part of the process by emailing qualityassurance@collegept.org or calling 416-592-3828 ext. 212 or 1-800-583-5885.


Questions? Find Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

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