Ontario Clinical Exam Technology Requirements

The Ontario Clinical Exam (OCE) is a virtual exam. Candidates will complete the exam from a location of their choice, like their home or office, using a device of their choice. There is no centralized testing centre for the OCE. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make sure they can meet the technology and room requirements.  

Please Carefully Review the Technology Requirements Below

We have also provided specific information to troubleshoot common issues for both Windows and Mac users. Candidates who cannot meet the technology requirements should contact the exam team directly to review their options.

Download Device Tip Sheets

We have created additional tip sheets to help candidates troubleshoot common issues with both Mac and Windows devices. Please select the system you plan to use below to download the device specific tip sheet.

Candidate Technology Requirements

The complete candidate technology requirements are outlined in the Candidate Technology Requirements document. Please carefully review this document before your exam. Some important reminders are listed below. 

  • It is your responsibility to test your device and internet connection and resolve any issues that you encounter before your exam day. 

  • All testing should be done using the same device you will be using on exam day and from the same location where you will be sitting on exam day.

  • If you are using a work device, be sure to check the firewall settings before the exam to be sure that your webcam, screen share, headset and microphone will function properly. Your workplace may have disabled these functions for security purposes on your work device and you may not have the administrative access to change them. 

  • Make sure you turn off any notifications that may pop up on your laptop or computer during the exam.

  • Reboot your computer: If you don’t turn off your computer often, it is strongly recommended that you do so before your exam date so that your device can complete any system updates. A reboot can often solve minor glitches.

  • Complete all required tests a few times leading up to your exam so that if there is an issue you have time to correct it. Take a screen shot of your completed tests that includes the date and time and keep this for your records. 

Device Requirements

  • You can only use a PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer to complete the OCE. Laptops and computers should always be plugged into a power outlet during the exam. 

    You CANNOT use an iPad to complete the OCE. Chromebook, iPads, tablets, mobile phones or smartphones do NOT meet the exam requirements and must NOT be used for the exam. 

  • You must have a functional microphone — built in, external, or headset. A headset is strongly encouraged to improve sound quality for both candidates and examiners and reduce background noise during the exam. 
  • A portable webcam is required. Your camera must be turned on for the entire exam. You will be required to move around the room with your webcam to complete a mandatory room security check before starting the exam.
  • You are NOT allowed to use additional screens or devices during the exam. You can use ONE desktop or laptop screen only. If an additional screen is detected it will be logged as a candidate conduct incident during the exam and could impact your ability to complete the exam. 

During the Exam You Cannot:

  • Log into the exam from any device other than a laptop or desktop.
  • Use a hotspot or mobile phone connection as the Wi-Fi source for the exam.
  • Intentionally tamper with technology.
  • Have any applications or windows open on your device, other than the exam platform window.
  • Have any applications or windows open on your cell phone
  • Use audio or screen recording/capturing applications or devices.

A Cell Phone is Mandatory

You must have your cell phone with you during the exam. College staff will contact you on your cell phone if they notice a delay in your login or if you are disconnected from the platform.

Your phone must be:

  • Face down
  • Out of arms reach
  • On silent/Do Not Disturb and/or Focus mode

All apps on your phone must be closed before the start of the exam. The proctor will check your phone as part of the room scan to verify that you are following the rules.

The exam team is monitoring your login to the platform so we may call you if we notice downloads are taking longer than expected.

To avoid missing our call, please add the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario phone number (416-591-3828 ext. 215) as a contact and allow notifications from this phone number while your phone is on Do Not Disturb or Focus mode.

You cannot use your phone during the exam for any reason other than accepting or making calls to the College for support purposes.

Questions? Email exam@collegept.org or call 1-800-583-5885 ext. 215.