Scheduling Your Assessment


White arrow on orange circle If no conflict of interest exists, the assessor will contact you within a week to schedule a date for the assessment. The assessor will use the email that you identified as your primary contact for the College, so please be sure to check that email address. 

White arrow on orange circle The assessment will take about two hours. To be safe, you should schedule some extra time after your assessment in case it takes a little longer.

White arrow on orange circle Remember that the assessment will take place between you and the assessor only via a video conference. It is very important to have a private space where you will not be interrupted for the entire two hours of your interview.  

White arrow on orange circle Do not schedule patients during the time you are scheduled with the assessor.  

White arrow on orange circle You have six weeks to schedule and complete your assessment. 

White arrow on orange circle Before your assessment it is essential that you:  

  • Read the questions that you will be asked during the assessment. You are required to provide specific examples from your practice to answer the questions — like the screening interview you completed.
  • Watch a video showing an example of a behaviour-based interview question to give you an idea of the interview format.
  • Select and securely submit five patient records, your written policies and completed policy checklists. You need to have all your documentation submitted to the College at least 10 days before your assessment. This is something to keep in mind while scheduling the assessment date with the assessor. (See Step 4 for specific details about submitting documents to the College)

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to Selecting Records. 

Review Guide

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Assessment Questions.

Review Questions

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in the PT Portal.

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WATCH: Behaviour-Based Interview Video 

Assessment: Step 3 FAQs

  • What do I need to do to prepare for the assessment?

  • The assessor will not respond to my emails, what should I do?

  • How long does the assessment take?

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Questions? Contact College staff
1-800-583-5885 ext. 212