Funding for Therapy and Counselling: Eligibility and Requirements

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Therapist Information Form for Therapists to Complete


Applying for Funding

The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario maintains a program to provide funding for therapy or counselling for patients who have been sexually abused by a physiotherapist. To apply for funding, complete the online form below or download and submit the Funding Application Form by email or mail. You will be asked to keep any information about your application confidential.

Patients can access the funds for more than one therapist or counsellor if they so choose. Once chosen by the patient, the Therapist or Counsellor is to download and complete the Therapist Information Form and submit the form to the College.

Therapist Information Form


  1. The therapist or counsellor must not be a person with whom you have any family or personal relationship.
  2. The therapist or counsellor must not be a person who has at any time or in any jurisdiction been found guilty of professional misconduct of a sexual nature or been found civilly or criminally liable for an act of a similar nature.


If you have further questions please contact the Associate Registrar—Professional Conduct and Registration at 1-800-583-5885 ext. 225 or 416-591-3828 extension 225 or email  

Funding for Therapy and Counselling Online Application Form

Applicant Contact Information

Type of phone number provided above:

Therapist Information (if known)

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Is this therapist/counsellor a regulated health professional?

Are the services of this therapist/counsellor covered by OHIP or another insurer?

Confirmation and Permission to Contact

I confirm that:

  1. I do not have a family or personal relationship to the Therapist or Counsellor.

  2. I understand that if I choose a Therapist or Counsellor who is not a regulated health professional they are not subject to professional discipline by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario or any other regulatory body.

  3. I understand that funding shall be paid only to the Therapist, and it shall be used only to pay for therapy or counselling for the sexual abuse that made me eligible for funding and shall not be applied directly or indirectly for any other purpose.

  4. I understand that the maximum amount of funding payable to any Therapist or Counsellor approved under this or any other application to the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario is the amount that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) would pay for 200 half-hour sessions of individual out-patient psychotherapy with a psychiatrist not to exceed $16,060.

  5. I will use the other sources of funding for therapy or counselling that are available to me first.

  6. I understand that there can be no duplicate payment for the same service. To my knowledge OHIP or any other private insurer is not covering the costs associated with the therapy or counselling I receive from the Therapist or Counsellor. If at any time, OHIP or a private insurer can pay for the therapy or counselling, I shall notify the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

  7. I understand that I will need to pay for any cancellation or late fees.

By checking this box and clicking the Submit button below, I confirm the seven statements listed above and I agree to allow the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario to contact the above-named Therapist or Counsellor, as necessary, to process my application for funding. The College will never ask for or receive information about my treatment sessions or the care that I am receiving.
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