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Sep 11, 2017

Firm Approaching Ontario Physiotherapists To Break The Rules. Accepting Money For Referrals Is Never Permitted.

It’s come to our attention that a law firm in the Ottawa area is approaching physiotherapists and offering them money in exchange for referrals to their practice. This firm provides services throughout Ontario. 

As you know, physiotherapists cannot accept money, rewards or incentives for referrals and cannot provide money, rewards or other incentives for referrals. Doing so would be a violation of the Standard and could land you in serious trouble. See the Conflict of Interest Standard for additional detail.  

A special thanks to all of the physiotherapists who contacted the College to let us know this is going on! We very much appreciate you sharing the information with us. Be aware that as concerned citizens you can also contact the Law Society of Upper Canada to file a complaint about this practice.