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Jan 12, 2022

Update: Recent Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) Clinical Exam Announcement

On Wednesday January 12, 2022, the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) announced that they are discontinuing the clinical component of their Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE). This means that CAPR will no longer be running the clinical exams across Canada – either virtually or in person.  

CAPR will continue to administer the written component of the PCE remotely or in person and will continue to offer credentialling services. See the full announcement from CAPR.    

What does this mean for Physiotherapy Residents, Physiotherapy Students, and other candidates who want to practice in Ontario?  

Anyone who has not yet completed the written component of the PCE should plan to complete it as they normally would. Once you successfully complete the written exam, you can apply for a Provisional Practice Certificate with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Given that there is no PCE – Clinical available, there will be other pathways available to you to complete the clinical exam requirements.  

Pathway One  

In December 2021, the Registration Committee approved a policy that allows individuals with a Provisional Practice Certificate to apply for an Independent Practice Certificate without successfully completing the clinical component of the PCE or a clinical exam.   

If you plan to pursue this exemption option, there are some important eligibility requirements that you should consider as you look for work as a Physiotherapy Resident with a Provisional Practice Certificate.   

A summary of the eligibility criteria is as follows:  

  • At the time of application, the applicant has held a Provisional Practice Certificate of Registration in Ontario for at least the previous 12 months.  

  • The applicant has practiced as a Physiotherapy Resident in Ontario, delivering patient care, for at least 1,200 hours during the previous 12 months.  

  • The applicant has practiced as a Physiotherapy Resident in Ontario, delivering patient care, for at least 600 hours at one Ontario worksite / practice location where their College approved Practice Supervisor also worked at the same worksite / practice location for the full 600-hour period.  

  • The applicant has not been the subject of any investigation or inquiry by the Registrar other than one that has been completed without any action having been taken.  

Individuals will also be required to complete certain activities before submitting their application and will be required to complete the College’s Screening Interview under the Quality Assurance Program soon after being granted their Independent Practice Certificate. Please review the full list of eligibility requirements listed on the College website.   

We understand that this option does not apply to everyone – notably individuals who previously attempted the clinical component of the PCE and were not successful, and PT Residents who do not currently meet the eligibility requirements.   

It is important to note that the exemption policy will be reviewed by the Registration Committee every 90 days. The Committee will consider questions related to the application of this policy in an ongoing way and may choose to make changes in the future. Any updates to this policy will be sent to anyone with a Provisional Practice Certificate when the changes are made.  

The College also anticipates that at some point in the future, an alternative to the PCE clinical exam will be implemented. At that point, the eligibility requirements for exemptions to the clinical exam will be revisited.  

Pathway Two  

In December 2021, Council approved the development of a clinical exam. Work is currently underway, and an update will be shared after the March Council meeting. We anticipate this option will be available to applicants in 2022.  

Pathway Three  

Council approved the use of the University of Sherbrooke Final Comprehensive Exam, scheduled for April 2022 for anyone who has successfully completed the CAPR written exam, currently holds a Provisional Practice Certificate in Ontario and wishes to challenge the exam in French. This option is also available to candidates who previously held a Provisional Practice Certificate in Ontario, attempted the clinical exam and were unsuccessful. Please note: the Sherbrooke Final Comprehensive Exam is only available in French. 

The registration deadline is February 18, 2022. Additional information will be provided to Physiotherapy Residents who may meet the criteria and be interested in this option.  

In the absence of a national clinical exam, the College continues to explore alternative options that will allow licensing pathways for other individuals. We will continue to share updates about these initiatives and any new alternatives as they become available.   

Please contact with any questions you might have.