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Mar 22, 2022

March is Fraud Prevention Month

March is national Fraud Prevention Month and a great time to remind all physiotherapists that the College has a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to inappropriate business practices.

According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA), it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to health benefits fraud which contributes to higher costs for everyone.  

Physiotherapists who engage in fraudulent business practices can face serious consequences including being delisted by insurance companies, not being able to practice physiotherapy, and even a criminal record.

Take a couple minutes to review your knowledge of health benefits fraud by completing the short quiz on CLHIA’s Fraud is Fraud website.

You can also review real situations that the College has encountered in the past. We often explore fraudulent business practices in the Case of the Month or the College blog:

Remember that fraud is not worth the risk. Follow the rules and standards, provide safe, effective patient care, and routinely check the accuracy of billing that uses your name and registration number.

If you suspect health care fraud, be sure to report it to the College at 1-800-583-5885 ext. 227 or to CLHIA.

Inappropriate Business Practices

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