Factors to Consider When Assigning and Supervising Care to Physiotherapist Assistants

Patient Factors: patient’s needs, best interests, consent, acuity, stability, and complexity of 
condition(s) including physical, mental and social aspects, predictability of change of condition(s), 
patient’s ability to direct care and communicate needs

Physiotherapist Assistants Factors: knowledge, skill, and experience with task, experience 
with patient population and environment; working relationship with the physiotherapist and other 
team members, maturity, judgment, dependability, and level of trust 

Environmental Factors: availability of resources, degree of independence or isolation, size of 
caseload or workload demands

Physiotherapy Treatment Factors: technical skill required, advanced training and complexity of 
tasks, potential risk of harm related to intervention

Physiotherapist Factors: ability to provide supervision, scope of practice, sphere of competence