Case: 2010 0216

Qureshi, Iftikhar—Registration #04145

November 11, 2014

Discipline Case Summary

On January 14, 2013, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee referred a matter involving Mr. Iftikhar Qureshi to the Discipline Committee for a hearing. The hearing was held on November 11, 2014. 

Summary of the Facts

Between April 2010 and August 2012, Mr Qureshi provided services under contract with Physiosquad at five health club/gym facilities. Mr. Qureshi’s clients were primarily members of the gyms in question and the Physiosquad program was entirely exercise based. Health club members were assessed and re-assessed by Mr Qureshi and treatment was provided by personal trainers who were acting as support personnel. Invoices for these services were submitted to third party payors.

The parties agreed, and the panel of the Discipline Committee confirmed, that Mr. Qureshi failed to meet the standards of the practice of physiotherapy, including in his treatment plans, his approach to assessment and reassessment, his failure to properly document client history and subjective and objective findings, his failure to properly supervise support personnel, his failure to ensure that the notes of support personnel were adequate and complete, and his failure to ensure that fees associated with his registration number were correct.


At the conclusion of the hearing the panel ordered that:

  • The Registrar suspend Mr. Qureshi’s certificate of registration for a period of six months, the dates of which will appear on the Public Register. Four and a half months (4 ½) may be remitted if Mr. Qureshi completes the remainder of the Order within the time set out in the Order
  • Mr Qureshi receive a reprimand
  • Mr. Qureshi
  • Complete the Support Personnel E-Learning Module
  • Complete the ProBe Course on Ethics
  • Complete a Record Keeping Course
  • Review of the Standard and Guide: Fees and Billing
  • Review of the Standard, Guide and Checklist: Record Keeping.
  • Mr. Qureshi participate in a practice monitoring program for a period of two years during which time he is not permitted to supervise physiotherapy residents
  • Mr. Qureshi pay to the College $4,000 to offset some of the costs of the investigation and prosecution of this matter
Read about the Past Discipline Hearings Results held by the College at the Canadian Legal Information Institute (for complete decisions released after April 1, 2015). 

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