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Sep 14, 2018

College Outreach Events: Boundaries, Friendships—Where’s the Line? REGISTER NOW

The College is Coming to a Community Near You to Talk About Boundaries

Crossing the Line: A Conversation About Boundaries in a #MeToo World

Beginning in September, we'll be on the road visiting communities around the province so that we can meet physiotherapists, students, employers and physiotherapist assistants face-to-face. 

This year we'd like our discussion with you to focus on boundaries. Our Practice Advisors will lead the sessions with questions and concerns physiotherapists often face in practice, and share some real examples that we have encountered. Not only will we focus on your professional obligations but we will also tackle how to address situations in which a patient or colleague may have crossed a boundary. 

Check out the list of locations and register for an event near you: 

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