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New Blog: 11 Business Practice Regrets from Real PTs 

Bad business practices can carry significant consequences. Sometimes a physiotherapist may start a new job with the best intentions, only to realize that the clinic is inappropriately using their registration number to bill for services, or that the clinic already has a bad reputation for scamming patients.

In a new blog post, 11 physiotherapists share their professional regrets related to bad business practices so that you don't make the same mistakes.

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Going on Maternity or Paternity Leave?

Planning to take parental leave or another leave of absence? There are two options to manage your registration with the College. 

Continue to Hold an Independent Practice Certificate
You do not have to be working to be registered with the College. As long as you meet the practice hour requirement and continue to fulfill other professional obligations (like PISA and Jurisprudence) you will be eligible to renew your registration. 

Resign Your Registration
If you are not planning to practice physiotherapy or use the title of physiotherapist in Ontario, you may choose to resign from the College. If you resign before January you may be entitled to receive a fee credit.

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Practice Advisor Question:

Is it OK for receptionists to ask a patient what is wrong with them when booking time with the physiotherapist?

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The College Hits the Road! We're Coming to Your Community

Everything You Need to Know about the Rules

The College is travelling across the province to meet with physiotherapists and others for coffee, sandwiches and good conversation. 

Practice Advisor, Fiona Campbell, PT will cover a range of popular topics—from working with physiotherapist assistants, to consent, to privacy, to record keeping and more.

Our first stop is Thunder Bay on Wednesday, September 18 from 6:00—8:30 p.m.  
We'll also be visiting Ottawa, Windsor, London, Toronto, North York and other locations. If you can't make it in person, don't worry – we'll be hosting a webinar version of this event. 
This session promises to provide practical advice, answers to your questions on best practices, and share examples where other people have gone wrong to help you avoid those same pitfalls. 
Watch your email inbox, Perspectives e-newsletter and the College website for more details over the coming weeks and be sure to register.  
Questions? Send us an email at

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New IPAC Checklists for Clinical Office Practice

Public Health Ontario has released three new checklists - be sure to check them out and ensure you're following IPAC best practices.

Public Health Ontario has a variety of resources to assist public health units in preventing and investigating infection prevention and control lapses.

Recently, they released three new infection prevention and control checklists for clinical office practice including core elements, reprocessing of medical equipment and endoscopic

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Myth vs Fact:

Physiotherapists need to provide annual statistics to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC).

Is this a myth or a fact?

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A Common Misconception About Publicly-Funded Community Physiotherapy 

True or False: There is no set limit on the number of visits a patient can receive as part of their treatment when attending publicly-funded community physiotherapy (formerly known as OHIP physiotherapy).  


If you’re referring your patient for these free government services, know that in all cases the number and frequency of treatments is set by the PT in consultation with the patient based on their needs.

Click the button below to see who is eligible, learn how to locate clinics and read other useful information you can share with your patients who are in need of this service.

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New Case of the Month: Surprise, Your PT is Delisted

Imagine receiving physiotherapy care and expecting to use your benefits... only to find out the clinic you went to has actually been delisted by your insurance provider. Then imagine that your physiotherapist knew the clinic had been delisted all along and didn't tell you.

Find out what happens when one patient unexpectedly has to pay for physiotherapy out of pocket, ultimately leading to a complaint against the PT in a new Case of the Month.

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